Public Service Announcements 

Inform and educate is the primary goal for Emergency Management Public Service Announcements (PSA).  As the EM Director you are the jurisdictions public safety officer and keeping the public informed is essential to preventing or reducing suffering during disasters and accidents.

This listing of PSA is a handy pick and choose assortment that enables you, the EM Director, to quickly select a PSA for the current season or activity.

  1. Remember you are required to run a minimum of two PSA per quarter.
  2. Select the PSA you wish to use. 
  3.  !! Edit the PSA by inserting your agency name and contact information!!
  4. Submit to the media in a timely fashion.
  5. Upload a scanned copy of the article to Sharepoint as documentation that this required task has been completed.
  6. If submitted to radio then upload a scanned copy of the PSA you submitted.
Winter Safety v2217 KB
What Carbon Monoxide Does to You199 KB
Tornado Safety207 KB
Sun Safety Week207 KB
Safe Toys Gifts209 KB
Safe at Home Week (Ladders)200 KB
Poison Prevention Week205 KB
Poison Prevention Week (Haz Mat)219 KB
Neighbor Helping Neighbor199 KB
National Radon Action Month204 KB
National Mine Safety Week207 KB
National Fireworks Safety Months210 KB
Mold in your Home198 KB
Hurricane Season (Inland Safety)204 KB
Home Safety Tips Generators208 KB
Holiday Tree Safety210 KB
Hiking with Cell Phone201 KB
Heart Month (Snow Shoveling)210 KB
Grilling Safety208 KB
Fuel Safety207 KB
Flood Safety Week203 KB
Farm Safety - Mowing203 KB
Extreme Heat218 KB
Driving in Flood Facts205 KB
Chainsaw Safety199 KB
Back to School Safety Tips210 KB
2011 08 Extreme Heat210 KB
2011 08 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning204 KB
2011 07 Enjoy Fireworks Safely209 KB
2011 06 National Fireworks Safety Months199 KB
2011 05 National Safe Boating Week202 KB
2011 05 National Safe Boating Week 2270 KB
2011 05 Motorcycle Safety Month206 KB
2011 04 Wildfire Safety Week216 KB
2011 04 Flood Safety208 KB
2011 04 Debris Clean Up203 KB
2011 04 Dam Failure213 KB
2011 03 Tornado Safety205 KB
2011 02 Burn Awareness Week206 KB