County ESF and EOP 

Description: The County/City Emergency Operations Plan shall establish the organizational structure to be utilized by local government to manage disaster and emergency response and set for the policies, procedures and guidelines for the coordination of all disaster and emergency response in the county and all the cities therein for an emergency, declared emergency, disaster, or catastrophe.

Requirements: The local emergency operations plan shall be officially adopted by signed executive order of the county judge/executive or mayor.

Authority: KRS 39B.030 (3) Powers, authorities, rights and duties of local director – Development of organizational structure.
106 KAR 1:200 Local Plan

Timelines and Deadlines: May 1 – Updated Plan to Regional Manager for Review by State.  July 31 – Plan w/state concurrence posted locally.

Reporting Requirements: A copy of the local emergency operations plan and all revisions or updates thereto, shall be submitted by the local director to the Division of Emergency Management for concurrence review and reference.

Additional Guidance: County Emergency Operations Plans will be converted to federal Emergency Support Function format no later than 12 December 2012.

Please Note:
The documents below are presented as working examples and do not contain required content or formats.  They are intended to be modified to fit each County's unique emergency planning requirements. 

Counties must develop their own basic plan and emergency support functions which reflect their hazards, define their capabilities, describe their emergency management systems and inform their citizens as to how their elected officials will act when responding to and recovering from disasters within their communities.

Before using these documents it is recommended that you review the planning guides which contain worksheets and guidance useful for first time and experienced emergency planners alike.  If you have any questions concerning these documents or guides contact Rocco Pepe, County Planner, Kentucky Division of Emergency Management.

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ESF 11 Agriculture144 KB1/12/2012 4:51 AM
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