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The Hazardous Materials Training Program sponsors and conducts training for first responders and LEPC members to prepare for a response to a hazardous materials incidents in their communities. 
Some common training classes are:

 Hazmat Classes:  Specialty Classes:
 -Hazmat Awareness /ERG
 -Cargo Tank Truck  Specialist
 -Hazmat Operations
 -Specific Incident Command Classes
 -Hazmat Operations w/Practicum
 -Rail Tank Car Specialist
 -Hazmat Technician (EPA165)  -Hazmat IQ  
HazMat Training
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State 24-hour warning point for HAZMAT Spill Notification
If you need to report a spill in accordance with SARA Title III Section 304 and KRS 39E.190, please contact the Duty Officer at the Commonwealth Emergency Operations Center at 800.257.2587 which serves as the twenty-four (24) hour warning point and contact for the Commonwealth Emergency Response Commission.

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