Public Assistance Program Overview 

The Public Assistance Grant Program (PA), comprised of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grants, provides help to state and local governments and certain private nonprofit organizations to restore infrastructures damaged during disaster events receiving a presidential declaration.  FEMA PA grants are authorized by the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.  It is the intent of the Stafford Act that federal assistance should supplement local, state, and private relief organizations.  Read more 

 Public Assistance Guidance

406 Hazard Mitigation Checklist727 KB
Applicant Briefing DR 4057 Event 3127875 KB
Debris Management Guide 15380 KB
Debris Removal Guideline Poster264 KB
Disaster Recover Center (DRC) Checklist51 KB
Equipment Rates 2010201 KB
KYEM Form 508 Summary of Documentatino in Support of Amount35 KB
PA Digest 20081155 KB
PA Guide 20071657 KB
Picking up the Pieces - Putting your debris at the curb for pickup7403 KB
Preliminary Damage Assessment Checklist2707 KB
Public Assistance Applicant Handbook1223 KB
Public Assistance Policy Manual2647 KB
The Paperwork Trail of Natural Disasters Presentation - Local Fiscal Steps in EM Recovery217 KB
The Public Assistance Program White Paper58 KB

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