Kentucky Emergency Response Commission (KERC) 


KERC Strategic Plan 2013-2016 (462KB)

The KERC is the single body within the Commonwealth with the statutory authority, appointed by the Governor, to review, recommend, advise the Commonwealth's Senior Elected officials on issues that impact the Commonwealth's ability to meet its vision and requirement to protect the citizens of the state in the event of any incident, disaster or catastrophe. 

The KERC works to integrate the various capabilities, capacities, issues and solutions to ensure there is a single body looking to solve the emergency response and emergency management issues in the Commonwealth.

Originally founded as the Commonwealth's response to the SARA Title III requirements, the KERC is the agency responsible for administering the Public Right to Know Program.  In 2010, the KERC, under the authority of the Governor and the Director of Emergency Management embraced the All Hazards role to provide all communities with a senior organizational element able to look holistically across organizational lanes to provide the state's senior elected officials with a comprehensive perspective on emergency issues and requirements.

The laws and regulations governing the implementation of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act in Kentucky can be found in KRS 39E and 106 KAR Chapter 1, respectively.

In Kentucky, the Emergency Response Commission is known as the Kentucky Emergency Response Commission (KERC).  [Read More]

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KERC Coordinator
David Davis

State 24-hour warning point for HAZMAT Spill Notification

If you need to report a spill in accordance with SARA Title III Section 304 and KRS 39E.190, please contact the Duty Officer at the Commonwealth Emergency Operations Center at 800.255.2587 which serves as the twenty-four (24) hour warning point and contact for the Kentucky Emergency Response Commission.