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Valued KYEM 'Team Members' include our senior Local, State and Federally elected Officials, beginning with Governor Steve Beshear served by a assigned liaison Nancy Price

This page is made available to assist our officials with quick reference links.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a federal program.  Participation is voluntary, but the benefits are considerable. To join, a community agrees to adopt, administer and enforce a floodplain management ordinance that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements. When communities participate in the NFIP, property owners and renters can buy flood insurance to help deal with losses from flooding.

In Kentucky, the NFIP is overseen by the Kentucky Division of Water

FEMA National Flood Program Community Participation (50KB)

National Flood Insurance Program Facts with Kentucky County and City Listings (99KB)

Things to Know About the National Flood Insurance Program (822KB)


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