Weather Workshop 2012

 2012 Weather Workshop 

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The 2012 Weather Workshop was held February 24-25th at the Holiday Inn University Plaza in Bowling Green! We had two packed days full of weather related training - everything from spotter training, technology and science to weather safety. Keynote speakers include Mike Hudson, Tim Samaras, Chris Novy and Stu Ostro.  Additionally, our vendor focus this Workshop was on weather equipment and technology.

The Weather Workshop 2012 is designed to provide an informative overview of the detailed and technical processes used for understanding weather forecasting and modeling.


2011 Flooding, Ohio and Mississippi Rivers - Jim Noel, Mary Lamm7895 KB3/1/2012 8:00 AM
Earthquake Response - David Davis8403 KB3/1/2012 9:08 AM
El Nino and La Nina Effects on KY Weather - Ed Ray6323 KB3/1/2012 9:11 AM
Forcasting Challenges in Kentucky - Joe Sullivan6003 KB3/1/2012 9:43 AM
Forcasting Challenges in Kentucky - Ken Haydu5220 KB3/1/2012 9:43 AM
Natural Disaster Response2550 KB3/1/2012 9:40 AM
Spotter Safety and Equipment - Tony Edwards, Christine Wielgos9038 KB3/1/2012 9:12 AM
Supercell vs. Squall Line Tornadoes - Angela Lese26266 KB3/1/2012 9:44 AM
Weather Radios - Bruce Thomas1664 KB3/1/2012 9:06 AM