KYEM Training 

Training LogoThroughout the Commonwealth, the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management (KYEM), as outlined in KRS 39A and 106 KAR 1:210 and 106 KAR 1:220, is responsible for coordinating emergency response/relief/recovery efforts for natural and manmade disasters such as tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, hazardous material incidents, as well as acts of terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction.

By working seamlessly with state agencies, local public safety departments and volunteer organizations, KYEM can effectively respond to and coordinate the emergency needs of all 120 Kentucky counties in times of disaster.



 2015 Calendar

Expand/Collapse Month : 03 March ‎(14)
March 06, Mantracker, Boyd County - FULLBoyd8SAR137 KB
March 07, HazMat Awareness, Caldwell CountyRegisterCaldwellHazMat95 KB
March 09-13, L0950 NIMS ICS All Hazards Incident Commander Course, Madison CountyRegisterMadison11CSEPP140 KB
March 10-12, ICS 300, Marshall CountyRegisterMarshall1ICS72 KB
March 13-15, BSAR, Bath CountyRegisterBath7SAR72 KB
March 13-15, BSAR, Green CountyRegisterGreen10SAR73 KB
March 13-15, BSAR, Hart CountyRegisterHart3SAR67 KB
March 14, Awareness, Boyle CountyRegisterBoyleHazMat95 KB
March 20-22, BSAR, Powell CountyRegisterPowell9SAR73 KB
March 21, HazMat Awareness, Warren CountyRegisterWarren3HazMat67 KB
March 21-22, Hazmat Ops, Caldwell CountyRegisterCaldwellHazMat94 KB
March 24-25, ICS-400, Jessamine CountyRegisterJessamine11ICS63 KB
March 27-29, BSAR, Ballard CountyRegisterBallard1SAR73 KB
March 28, MRP Development Workshop, Floyd CountyRegisterFloyd8172 KB
Expand/Collapse Month : 04 April ‎(10)
April 01-02, Facilitating Inter-Jurisdictional Teams-101, Madison County - FULLMadison11CSEPP192 KB
April 11, 12 and 18, Hazmat Ops w practicum, Trimble CountyRegisterTrimble4HazMat138 KB
April 13, Awareness_ERG Book, Muhlenberg CountyRegisterMuhlenbergHazMat96 KB
April 13, EX Tornado Awareness, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)RegisterCampbell6Tornado Awareness511 KB
April 14-16,Hazmat Ops, Muhlenberg CountyRegisterMuhlenbergHazMat94 KB
April 15-16, G-288 Local Donations and Volunteer Management, Campbell CountyRegisterCampbell6G-Series74 KB
April 17-19, BSAR, Metcalfe CountyRegisterMetcalfe3SAR66 KB
April 18-19, Hazmat Ops, Boyle CountyRegisterBoyleHazMat94 KB
April 21-23, All Hazards Position Specific Communications Unit Leader Train the Trainer, Franklin CountyRegisterFranklin5ICS85 KB
April 27-May 1, Hazmat Tech, Muhlenberg CountyRegisterMuhlenbergHazMat136 KB
Expand/Collapse Month : 05 May ‎(7)
May 07, Pipeline Security, Campbell CountyReigsterCampbell6420 KB
May 18-19, G-288 Local Donations and Volunteer Management, Shelby CountyRegisterShelby4G-Series121 KB
May 18-22, L0952 NIMS ICS All Hazards Public Information Course, Madison CountyRegisterMadison11CSEPP71 KB
May 19, 20, G775 EOC Management and Operations, Metcalfe CountyRegisterMetcalfe3G-Series455 KB
May 27-28, Sports and Special Events Evacuation and Exercise, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)RegisterCampbell6Sports / Special Event Evacuation423 KB
May 29-31, BSAR, Meade CountyRegisterMeade4SAR111 KB
May 9, 10, 23, HazMat Operations with Practicum, Warren CountyRegisterWarren3HazMat67 KB
Expand/Collapse Month : 06 June ‎(4)
June 01-05, DHS National Planner's Course, Madison CountyRegisterMadison11Planner179 KB
June 13-14, Mantracking, Webster CountyRegisterWebster2SAR115 KB
June 16, Damage Assessment, Metcalfe CountyRegisterMetcalfe3Damage Assess.50 KB
June 23-25, L363 Emergency Planning in Higher Education, Hardin CountyRegister4Planning102 KB
Expand/Collapse Month : 07 July ‎(1)
July 14, LEPC Overview, Boone CountyRegister6LEPC140 KB
Expand/Collapse Month : 09 September ‎(2)
September 02, Damage Assessment, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)RegisterCampbell6Damage Assess.415 KB
September 15-17, Intermediate ICS 300, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)RegisterCampbell6ICS420 KB
Expand/Collapse Month : 10 October ‎(2)
October 14-15, Advanced ICS 400, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)RegisterCampbell6ICS419 KB
October 16-18, Auxiliary Communications Workshop (AuxComm), Christian CountyRegisterChristian2Comm196 KB