KYEM Training and Exercise Program

Throughout the Commonwealth, the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management (KYEM), as outlined in KRS 39A and 106 KAR 1:210 and 106 KAR 1:220, is responsible for coordinating emergency response/relief/recovery efforts for natural and manmade disasters such as tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, hazardous material incidents, as well as acts of terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction.

• Training listed by KYEM Area • HazMat Only Training
• ICS Only Training • SAR Only Training


Below are all trainings listed by month.

July 31-August 02, ERI Search Management, Mason County - CANCELLEDAnnouncement
August 03, HazMat Awareness, Mercer County - POSTPONEDAnnouncement
August 06, Damage Assessmen,t Boone CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 07-09, BSAR, Washington CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 07-08, BSAR, Russell CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 14, HazMat Awareness, Boyd CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 14-16, BSAR, Lawrence CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 15, 16, 22 Hazmat Operations with Practicum, Boyd CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 18-20, ICAMEO featuring the newly released MARPLOT 5, Daviess CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 18-20, ICS 300, Boyle CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 21-23, BSAR, Lincoln CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 28, Hazmat Awareness, Perry CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 29-30, Lost Person Behavior, Rowan CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 29-30, 2015 Hazmat Ops, Perry CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 01-03, ICAMEO featuring the newly release MARPLOT 5, Floyd CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 09, Damage Assessment, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)AnnouncementRegister
September 10 16 Hazmat Tech Laurel CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 11-13, BSAR, Grant CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 11-13, BSAR, McCracken CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 15-17, Intermediate ICS 300, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)AnnouncementRegister
September 18-20, BSAR, Campbell CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 19-20, Search in the Urban Environment, Boyd CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 25-27, BSAR, Daviess CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 25-27, ERI Initial Attack, Anderson CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 25-27, ERI, Green CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 30, Continuity of Government Planning, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)AnnouncementRegister
Septemer 15-16, Blue Grass CSEPP Full-Scale Exercise, Fayette CountyAnnouncementBecome a CSEPP Evaluator
October 09-11, BSAR, Cumberland CountyAnnouncementRegister
October 14-15, Advanced ICS 400, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)AnnouncementRegister
October 16-18, Auxiliary Communications Workshop (AuxComm), Christian CountyAnnouncementRegister
October 17-18, Mantracking, Lincoln CountyAnnouncementRegister
October 21, Winter Weather Awareness, Campbell CountyAnnouncementRegister
October 23-25, ERI Initial Attack, Daviess CountyAnnouncementRegister
November 14-15, Lost Person Behavior, Harrison CountyAnnouncementRegister