KYEM Training 

Training LogoThroughout the Commonwealth, the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management (KYEM), as outlined in KRS 39A and 106 KAR 1:210 and 106 KAR 1:220, is responsible for coordinating emergency response/relief/recovery efforts for natural and manmade disasters such as tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, hazardous material incidents, as well as acts of terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction.

By working seamlessly with state agencies, local public safety departments and volunteer organizations, KYEM can effectively respond to and coordinate the emergency needs of all 120 Kentucky counties in times of disaster.

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 2014 Calendar

Expand/Collapse Month : 04 April ‎(16)
April 10, CHAMPS Hands-on Training, Mason CountyRegisterMason6CHAMPS156 KB
April 11, 12, 13 MGT-346 EOC OPS, Perry County - CANCELLEDPerry8IMT133 KB
April 11-13, BSAR, Rowan County - FULLRowan7SAR66 KB
April 11-13, BSAR, Trigg County - FULLTrigg1SAR130 KB
April 12, Haz-Mat Awareness ERG, Oldham County - CANCELLEDOldham4HazMat68 KB
April 12-13 and 19, HazMat Operations w Practicum, Campbell CountyRegisterCampbell6HazMat108 KB
April 13, Swift Water Rescue Awareness, Larue CountyRegisterLarue4SAR129 KB
April 15, Basic EOC, Boyle CountyRegisterBoyle5EOC66 KB
April 15, Risks and Threats to First Responders, Warren CountyRegisterWarren3379 KB
April 16, 17, ICS 400, Warren CountyRegisterWarren3ICS82 KB
April 16-17, Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response, Campbell County (Non-KYEM) - FULLCampbell6Active Shooter414 KB
April 17, 19, 24, and 26, Hazmat Ops with IFSAC Practicum, HancockRegisterHancock4HazMat316 KB
April 25-27, BSAR, Pulaski CountyRegisterPulaski10SAR66 KB
April 25-27, ERI Search Mgmt for the Initial Response, Boone County - CANCELLEDBoone6SAR132 KB
April 25-27, Swift Water Rescue Technician's Training, Warren CountyRegisterWarren3SAR132 KB
April 28-29, ICS400, Breckinridge CountyRegisterBreckinridge4ICS83 KB
Expand/Collapse Month : 05 May ‎(23)
May 02- 04, IMT 5 w Train the Trainer, Warren CountyRegisterWarren3IMT51 KB
May 05-07, ICS300, Christian CountyRegisterChristian2ICS82 KB
May 05-09, HazMat Technician, Boone County - CANCELLEDBoone6HazMat108 KB
May 06, Region 5 County Planning Workshop, Franklin CountyRegisterFranklin5Workshop50 KB
May 07, Damage Assessment with Train the Trainer, Barren CountyRegisterBarren3Damage Assess.50 KB
May 08 CHAMPS Hands-on Training, Perry CountyRegisterPerry8CHAMPS157 KB
May 09-10, Hazmat Ops, Muhlenberg CountyRegisterMuhlenberg2HazMat94 KB
May 09-11, BSAR, Todd CountyRegisterTodd2SAR67 KB
May 09-11, ERI Initial Attack MSO, Letcher CountyRegisterLetcher8SAR80 KB
May 12-13 and 19-20, ICS400, Christian County - CANCELLEDChristian2ICS83 KB
May 13-15, ICS-300, MarshallRegisterMarshall1ICS131 KB
May 13-15, Intermediate ICS 300 for Expanding Incidents, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)RegisterCampbell6417 KB
May 14-16, iCAMEO, Barren CountyRegisterBarren3HazMat71 KB
May 16-17, Hazmat Ops, Muhlenberg CountyRegisterMuhlenberg2HazMat101 KB
May 16-18 and May 24-25, High Angle Technical Rope, Wolfe CountyRegisterWolfe8SAR143 KB
May 16-18, ICS-300, Jackson CountyRegisterJackson9ICS132 KB
May 17, 18 HAZMAT Cargo Tanker Truck, Johnson County - CANCELLEDJohnson8HazMat81 KB
May 17, Awareness_ERG, Kenton County - CANCELLEDKenton6HazMat110 KB
May 17-18, Intermediate SAR, Trimble CountyRegisterTrimble4SAR138 KB
May 17-18, Lost Person Behavior, Knott CountyRegisterKnott8SAR109 KB
May 20-22, Wide Area Search, Campbell County (Non-KYEM) - FULLCampbell6SAR436 KB
May 28-29, ICS400, Christian CountyRegisterChristian2ICS83 KB
May 31, June 01, ICS 400, Knott CountyRegisterKnott8ICS156 KB
Expand/Collapse Month : 06 June ‎(15)
June 03-05, ICS-300, Anderson CountyRegisterAnderson5ICS109 KB
June 04-06, IMT 5, Daviess CountyRegisterDaviess2IMT52 KB
June 06, Haz-Mat Awareness, Rockcastle CountyRegisterRockcastle9HazMat64 KB
June 06-08, ERI Initial Attack Management Course, Metcalfe CountyRegisterMetcalfe3SAR121 KB
June 12-13, ICS-400, Rockcastle CountyRegisterRockcastle9ICS132 KB
June 12-14, Auxiliary Communications Workshop, FranklinNewRegisterFranklin5Comm79 KB
June 13-15, Swift Water Rescue Technician's Announcement, Warren CountyRegisterWarren3SAR129 KB
June 14, Cargo Tank Truck, Muhlenberg CountyRegisterMuhlenberg2HazMat116 KB
June 20-22, ERI Initial Attack MSO, Oldham CountyRegisterOldham4SAR72 KB
June 21, 22 Intermediate Search and Rescue, Knott CountyRegisterKnott8SAR66 KB
June 23, Haz-Mat Awareness, Rockcastle CountyRegisterRockcastle9HazMat88 KB
June 23-25, ICS 300, Spencer CountyRegisterSpencer4ICS158 KB
June 25-26, ICS 400, Woodford CountyRegisterWoodford11ICS83 KB
June 27-29, 2014 BSAR Washington CountyRegisterWashington5SAR66 KB
June 27-29, BSAR, Pendleton CountyRegisterPendleton6SAR66 KB
Expand/Collapse Month : 07 July ‎(9)
July 02, MGT-340, Daviess CountyRegisterDaviess2MGT340101 KB
July 07-08, ICS400, Spencer CountyRegisterSpencer4ICS83 KB
July 08-09, Continuity of Operations Planning, Ohio CountyRegisterOhio2Continuity of Operations76 KB
July 16, Basic EOC, Daviess CountyRegisterDaviess2Basic EOC109 KB
July 18-20 and July 26-27, High Angle Training, Wolfe CountyRegisterWolfe8SAR144 KB
July 18-20, Haz-Mat Ops with Practicum, Rockcastle CountyRegisterRockcastle9HazMat88 KB
July 19-20, Lost Person Behavior, Boyd CountyNewRegisterBoyd8SAR79 KB
July 21-23, Type 5 IMT with Train the Trainer, Franklin CountyRegisterFranklin5IMT51 KB
Juy 23-25, iCAMEO, Breckinridge CountyRegisterBreckinridge4HazMat71 KB
Expand/Collapse Month : 08 August ‎(11)
August 01-03, ERI, Green CountyRegisterGreen10SAR80 KB
August 01-03, ICS 300, Muhlenberg CountyRegisterMuhlenberg2ICS82 KB
August 05-06, ICS-400, Boyle CountyRegisterBoyle5ICS82 KB
August 12, IS-240 Leadership and Influence, Daviess CountyRegisterDaviess2IS24051 KB
August 12, IS-240 Leadership and Influence, Perry CountyRegisterPerry8IS24086 KB
August 13, CHAMPS Training - Funding and Projects, WebinarRegisterWebinarCHAMPS224 KB
August 13, WebEOC, Daviess CountyRegisterDaviess2WebEOC108 KB
August 13-14, HSEEP, Franklin CountyRegisterFranklin5HSEEP352 KB
August 15, 16, 17 BSAR, Knott CountyRegisterKnott8SAR66 KB
August 15-17, BSAR, Jessamine CountyRegisterJessamine11SAR67 KB
August 19, Regional HazMat TTX, Warren CountyRegisterWarren3Exercise68 KB
Expand/Collapse Month : 09 September ‎(9)
September 05-07 ERI Initial Attack Mgmt, Jessamine CountyRegisterJessamine11SAR80 KB
September 08, Basic EOC, Boyd CountyNewRegisterBoyd8Basic EOC66 KB
September 10-12, iCAMEO, Trigg CountyRegisterTrigg1HazMat71 KB
September 12-14, ERI Initial Attack Management, Marion CountyRegisterMarion5SAR63 KB
September 13-14, ICS400, Muhlenberg CountyRegisterMuhlenberg2ICS83 KB
September 13-14, ISAR, Muhlenberg CountyRegisterMuhlenberg2SAR67 KB
September 16-17, Event Security Planning for Public Safety Professionals - Intro, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)RegisterCampbell6Event Security639 KB
September 16-18, ICS 300, Boone CountyRegisterBoone6ICS75 KB
September 20-21, SAR Mantracking, Metcalfe County - CLOSEDMetcalfe3SAR66 KB
Expand/Collapse Month : 10 October ‎(7)
October 02, IS-240 Leadership and Influence, Warren CountyRegisterWarren3IS24091 KB
October 06, CHAMPS Training - Assessments and Plans WebinarRegisterWebinarCHAMPS160 KB
October 07-10, ICS-300, Boyd CountyNewRegisterBoyd8ICS64 KB
October 09, Regional Local Primary EOC Functional Exercise, Barren CountyRegisterBarren3Exercise50 KB
October 10-12, BSAR, Grayson CountyRegisterGrayson3SAR107 KB
October 14-16, Intermediate ICS 300 for Expanding Incidents, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)RegisterCampbell6ICS417 KB
October 24-26, BSAR, Kenton CountyRegisterKenton6SAR66 KB
Expand/Collapse Month : 11 November ‎(4)
November 04-05, ICS 400, Boone CountyRegisterBoone6ICS83 KB
November 04-06, Instructor Methodology, Owensboro Armory, Daviess CountyRegisterDaviess2Instructor Methodology50 KB
November 13, Regional Mutual Aid TTX, Barren CountyRegisterBarren3Exercise68 KB
November 19-20, Advanced ICS 400, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)RegisterCampbellICS416 KB
Expand/Collapse Month : 12 December ‎(1)
December 08, Basic EOC Operations, Perry CountyRegisterPerry8Basic EOC65 KB