KYEM Training and Exercise Program

Throughout the Commonwealth, the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management (KYEM), as outlined in KRS 39A and 106 KAR 1:210 and 106 KAR 1:220, is responsible for coordinating emergency response/relief/recovery efforts for natural and manmade disasters such as tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, hazardous material incidents, as well as acts of terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction.

• G-Series Only Training • HazMat Only Training
• ICS Only Training • SAR Only Training

• Training listed by KYEM Area

Below are all trainings listed by month.

July 10, CHAMPS Training – Mitigation Action Forms and HMGP, WebinarAnnouncementRegister
July 13, Spokesperson Training, Madison CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 13, Using CHAMPS for Hazard Mitigation Projects, Franklin CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 14-15, MTG 310, Warren County (Non KYEM)AnnouncementRegister
July 14, L212 HMA Quality Application Elements, FrankfortAnnouncementRegister
July 14, LEPC Overview, Boone CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 14, Using CHAMPS for Hazard Mitigation Projects, Floyd CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 15, Regional Ebola Support Plan Workshop Healthcare Coalition (HCC) Region 15, Woodford CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 15-17, Post Production Workshop, Madison County - FULLAnnouncement
July 17-19, Technical Rope Rescue Ops, Harrison County -FULLAnnouncement
July 17 and July 26, Hazmat Tech, Hardin CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 17, CHAMPS Training – Mitigation Action Forms and HMGP, WebinarAnnouncementRegister
July 18, Hazmat Awareness, Caldwell CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 20-21, G-775, Hardin CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 20, L213 HMA Application Review and Evaluation, FrankfortAnnouncementRegister
July 22, L214 HMA Project Implementation and Programmatic Closeout, FrankforkAnnouncementRegister
July 24-26, Mantracker, Bath CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 25, HazMat Awareness, Owsley CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 27 29 IMT Type 5 Franklin CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 28, L276 Benefit Cost Analysis Entry Level Training, FrankfortAnnouncementRegister
July 31-August 02, ERI Search Management, Mason CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 03, HazMat Awareness, Mercer CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 06, Damage Assessmen,t Boone CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 07-09, BSAR, Washington CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 14, HazMat Awareness, Boyd CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 14-16, BSAR, Lawrence CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 15, 16, 22 Hazmat Operations with Practicum, Boyd CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 18-20, ICAMEO, Daviess CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 25-27, ICS 300, Boyle CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 29-30, Lost Person Behavior, Rowan CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 09, Damage Assessment, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)AnnouncementRegister
September 11-13, BSAR, Grant CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 11-13, BSAR, McCracken CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 15-17, Intermediate ICS 300, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)AnnouncementRegister
September 18-20, BSAR, Campbell CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 19-20, Search in the Urban Environment, Boyd CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 25-27, BSAR, Daviess CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 25-27, ERI Initial Attack, Anderson CountyAnnouncementRegister
September 30, Continuity of Government Planning, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)AnnouncementRegister
Septemer 15-16, Blue Grass CSEPP Full-Scale Exercise, Fayette CountyAnnouncementBecome a CSEPP Evaluator
October 14-15, Advanced ICS 400, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)AnnouncementRegister
October 16-18, Auxiliary Communications Workshop (AuxComm), Christian CountyAnnouncementRegister
October 21, Winter Weather Awareness, Campbell CountyAnnouncementRegister
October 23-25, ERI Initial Attack, Daviess CountyAnnouncementRegister
November 14-15, Lost Person Behavior, Harrison CountyAnnouncementRegister