KYEM Instructor/Facilitators Application and Guidelines

Instructor/Facilitator Expectations

Quality instruction is the key to a successful emergency management training program and the safety of its participants. Whether Instructor/Facilitators teach at their own agency, or around the region and state, they have the responsibility to ensure that quality instruction is presented. Regardless of where the event is presented and whether it is presented for five or fifty participants, the responsibility of the Instructor/Facilitator remains the same. The responsibilities for a KYEM Instructor/Facilitator include, but are not limited to:
  • Maintaining a safe and organized classroom setting;
  • Maintaining instructional quality for every event presented;
  • Ensuring current, recognized subject matter/curriculum is being taught;
  • Advising participants on techniques and skills that make classroom performance safe and effective;
  • Conducting field and/or practical exercises that test classroom learning under appropriate supervision;
  • Ensuring proper testing procedures are followed and student exams are appropriately proctored;
  • Ensuring accurate documentation is completed for all training sessions and submitted in a timely fashion to the Training and Exercise Section; and
  • Providing a safe learning environment for the students whether in the classroom or in the field.

Instructor/Facilitator Application Process

An applicant for certification as an Instructor/Facilitator for the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management shall:
  • Complete the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management Instructional Methodology training program or other Methods of Instruction program, which is comparable in hours and content of the KYEM event that may be conducted by an entity other than KYEM. All comparable events must be approved by the Assistant Director for Operations of KYEM. A list of approved, comparable events shall be posted on the Training and Exercise page of the KYEM website;
  • Show evidence of having completed NIMS compliant mandatory training (IS-700, IS-800,
  • ICS-100, ICS-200)
  • Provide evidence of having completed the basic training program for which Instructor/Facilitator credentialing is sought;
  • Provide evidence of completion of a KYEM curriculum orientation program for the program for which Instructor/Facilitator credentialing is being sought;
  • Submit a completed "KYEM Application for Instructor/Facilitator Credentialing" which includes the recommendation of the County Emergency Management Director and Area Manager;
  • Submit for a criminal background check (local, state, or federal) as may be required by the Division;
  • Not be an individual who has been convicted of, entered a guilty plea or Alford plea to a felony offense, or has completed a diversion program for a felony offense;
  • Not have been disciplined or ever subject to discipline pursuant to any KRS that would cause a certificate or license of any type to be denied, limited, suspended, or probated by a certifying or licensing entity in Kentucky or other state or territory under the jurisdiction of the United States;
  • Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age;
  • Have a high school diploma or GED;
  • Hold a valid motor vehicle operator’s license from a state or territory in the United States; and
  • Pay any fees that may be required by regulation.