The Hazardous Materials Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) grant program is available to offer hazardous material trainings throughout the Commonwealth. A list of courses covered through this program is listed below. This list is not all inclusive, if there is a different training that your community needs please let us know. If your community is interested in hazardous materials trainings, please complete a Request to Host Training form and submit to your local Emergency Management Director.
Training opportunities include but not limited to:                                   

  • Virtual and in Person HazMat Awareness​
  • Virtual and in person HazMat Awareness/New ERG 2020 Updates​
  • Virtual and in Person Chemistry for First Responders
  • Virtual and in Person HazMat Dispatcher   
  • In Person HazMat Operations / Refreshers In Person HazMat Technician Levels and Refreshers In Person HAZWOPERS and Refreshers                    

In Person Specialty Courses include but not limited to the following:   

  • HazMat IQ Above and Below
  • HazMat IQ Advanced
  • HazMat IQ Rad
  • HazMat IQ Decon
  • HazMat IQ Tox-Medic 
  • HazMat IQ First Responders Offensive                                                               ​ 

In Person Exercise Opportunities include but not limited to:                                

  • HSEEP HazMat Tabletop
  • HSEEP HazMat Functional
  • HSEEP HazMat Workshop
  • HSEEP HazMat Drills
  • HSEEP HazMat Seminar/Development    
Preparedness Opportunities include but not limited to:
  • Commodity Flow Surveys: Identify the patterns and the transport of hazardous materials through the transportation system of a specific area.
  • Planning Projects: Educate the public on the hazard safety measures that are in place in their community. The public right-to-know act.
  • Table Top Exercise: Test or practice responses to an emergency scenario.
  • Workshops: Policy updates and various sessions that focus on emergency planning.
  • Emergency Planning Community Right-To-Know Act (EPCRA). Courses and workshops aimed at developing, improving, and implementing emergency plans under the EPCRA act sections 301 and 303.
Find out how you can participate:
* NASTTPO Conference
* HotZone Conference
* Cold Zone
* HazMat Continuing Challenge
* IAFC International HazMat Conference

Contact KYEM HazMat Program Coordinator

Hazardous Materials
Program Coordinator and
ERG Distribution Coordinator
Jennifer Hitch

State 24-hour warning point for HAZMAT Spill Notification
If you need to report a spill in accordance with SARA Title III Section 304 and KRS 39E.190, please contact the Duty Officer at the State Emergency Operations Center at 800.255.2587 which serves as the twenty-four (24) hour warning point and contact for the Kentucky Emergency Response Commission.


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