Recovery Branch

The Mission of the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management Recovery Branch is to ensure that those who have been, or may be, affected by disasters have access to the full range of federal and state programs in a timely manner and applicants receive a superior level of service in the delivery of all Kentucky Emergency Management (KYEM) Recovery Branch programs.

The Recovery Branch is comprised of four (4) sections which administer the following programs:

1.  Public Assistance (PA) Program
The Public Assistance Program coordinates Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) grants awarded to state and local governmental entities and certain private nonprofits for response to and recovery from disasters.  The Public Assistance Program provides assistance for debris removal, emergency protective measures, and permanent restoration of damaged infrastructure.  Typically, FEMA will provide at least 75% of the eligible repair costs. 

2.  Individuals and Households Assistance (IA) Program
The Individual & Household Assistance Program ensures that individuals and families affected by disasters have access to all available federal and state resources in a timely manner.  The Recovery Branch coordinates the recovery needs of citizens with its FEMA counterparts.

3.  Hazard Mitigation Assistance Programs
The Hazard Mitigation Program oversees grants to state and local governments for sustained mitigation measures that will reduce or permanently eliminate the long-term risk to people and property from natural hazards and their effects.  Funds are made available following a major presidential disaster declaration, allowing mitigation measures to be implemented during the recovery period.

4.  Volunteer Coordination Program
The Volunteer Coordination Program provides organization of assistance to local communities before and after disaster events.  Program staff mentors local communities in the formation of Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster and Long Term Recovery Committees so that future disaster needs are effectively managed.  Immediately after disaster events, program staff manages recovery requests, identifies available volunteer resources, and coordinates the delivery of materials and work efforts. 



Assistant Director of Administration
Stephanie Robey

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Recovery Branch