KYEM Training and Exercise Program​

The Kentucky Division of Emergency Management (KYEM) coordinates and offers training throughout the Commonwealth. These training opportunities help to ensure that we are prepared for all hazards, natural and manmade, to keep Kentucky safe.  Each course is available at no cost to eligible students. 

For information on emergency management in the Kentucky Revised Statutes, please see KRS 39A . For Kentucky Administrative Regulations on training see 106 KAR 1:211 and for exercise see 106 KAR 1:221

Announcement: Beginning May 1, 2024 KYEM Training is transitioning to digital student material for many courses. This is an exciting development in the training program! Please check the course announcement and welcome email for details for each class. Digital student material is available in the Resources section of this page under “Student Resources" and the material will also be provided in the welcome emails. 

 Training listed by KYEM Area

Below are all trainings listed by month. ​


May 16, 2024, AWR-362 Flooding Hazards Science & Preparedness Crestwood, KY, NON-KYEMAnnouncementRegister
May 17-19, 2024, BSAR, Lee CountyAnnouncementRegister
May 17-19, 2024, BSAR, Rowan CountyAnnouncementRegister
May 20, 2024, MR-502 Spokesperson for PIOs-PAOs, Fayette CountyAnnouncementRegister
May 21-22, 2024, JIS-JIC Operations and Strategy, Franklin countyAnnouncementRegister
May 21-22, 2024, SMIRIC, Marshall CountyAnnouncementRegister
May 21-23, 2024, Law Enforcement Active Shooter Emergency Response, Campbell County, NON-KYEMAnnouncement
May 23, 2024, MR-502 Spokesperson for PIOs-PAOs, Garrard CountyAnnouncementRegister
May 23, 2024, MR-502 Spokesperson for PIOs-PAOs, Madison CountyAnnouncementRegister
May 29-30, 2024, Public Information Officer (G-290), McCracken County- CANCELLEDAnnouncement
June 03-04, 2024, Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP), Fayette CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 03-07, 2024, Incident Command System (ICS) Curricula, Train-the-Trainer (MGT-906),Campbell County- NON-KYEMAnnouncement
June 03–07, 2024, K0449 ICS Train the Trainer, NON-KYEM , VirtualAnnouncementRegister
June 05-06, 2024, Critical Asset Risk Management, Campbell County-NON-KYEMAnnouncement
June 06, 2024, Homemade Explosives Awareness, Recognition, and Response (AWR-313), Campbell County, NON-KYEMAnnouncement
June 07-09 and 15-16, 2024, Technical Rope Rescue Level 1, Wolfe County, CLASS FULLAnnouncement
June 12, 2024, Individual Assistance Program, Rowan CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 15, 2024, Search and Rescue Interviewing, Campbell CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 17, 2024, Individual Assistance Program, McCracken CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 17-21, 2024, AHIMT (O305), Boyd CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 18, 2024, Individual Assistance Program, Daviess CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 19, 2024, Individual Assistance Program, Warren CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 19, 2024, Wednesday Webinar-Public Alerting, Franklin CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 22-23, 2024, ICS-400, Nelson CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 24-28, 2024, AHIMT (O305), Muhlenberg CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 25, 2024, CPOD, Pike CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 25, 2024, Individual Assistance Program, Campbell CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 26, 2024, CPOD, Hardin CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 26, 2024, Individual Assistance Program, Floyd CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 27, 2024, CPOD, Campbell CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 27, 2024, Individual Assistance Program, Laurel CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 28, 2024, CPOD, Fayette CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 03, 2024, Individual Assistance Program, Mercer CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 09, 2024, Individual Assistance Program, Jefferson CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 09-10, 2024, Threat Hazard Identificatn Risk Assessmt Stakeholder Preparedness, Campbell County-NON-KYEMAnnouncement
July 11, 2024, Individual Assistance Program, Pulaski CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 16-18, 2024, ICS-300, Greenup CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 17, 2024, Wednesday Webinar-Best Practices for Crisis Communication, Franklin CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 22-23, 2024, (ICS-400) Advanced ICS for Complex Incidents, Fayette CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 23-24, 2024, ICS-400, Greenup CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 24-25, 2024, Managing Food Emergencies Strategies for a Community Response, Campbell County, NON-KYEMAnnouncement
July 30-31, 2024, Conducting Risk Assessment for Critical Community Assets (MGT-315), Warren County-NON-KYEMAnnouncement

 State Training Officer

State SAR Coordinator
Dustin Heiser

Kentucky Qualifications System (KQS) Coordinator

HazMat Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) Coordinator ERG Distribution Coordinator

Jennifer Hitch

Urban Search & Rescue​

KYEM CSEPP Training &
Exercise Coordinator