KYEM Training and Exercise Program​

Throughout the Commonwealth, the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management(KYEM), as outlined in  KRS 39A and 106 KAR 1:211 and 106 KAR 1:221, is responsible for coordination of emergency response/relief/recovery training and exercises in preparation for natural and manmade disasters such as tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, hazardous material incidents, as well as acts of terrorism involving weapons of mass destruction

 Training listed by KYEM Area

Below are all trainings listed by month.


June 01, 2023, Basic EOC, Bullitt CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 02-04, 2023, Technical Rope Rescue Level I, Wolfe County-CLASS FULLAnnouncement
June 06-07, 2023, Mass Fatalities (G-386), Campbell CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 07, 2023, Basic EOC, Caldwell CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 10-11, 2023 , ICS 400, Henry CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 10-11, 2023, ERI Search Management, Hart CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 12-13, 2023, G205 Recovery from Disaster, Rowan CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 12-14, 2023, ICS 300, Bullitt CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 15-16, 2023, ICS 400, Bullitt CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 17-18, 2023, SMIRIC, Jessamine CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 20-23, 2023, Wide Area Search, Campbell County-NON KYEMAnnouncement
June 23-25, 2023, Basic Search and Rescue, Johnson County-CANCELLEDAnnouncement
June 23-25, 2023, Moving Water Flood Rescue Technician, Floyd CountyAnnouncement
June 26, 2023, G191, Boone CountyAnnouncementRegister
June 27-29, 2023, G2300, Boone County, Course AnnouncementAnnouncementRegister
July 07-09, 2023, Basic Search and Rescue, Greenup CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 11-12, 2023, L-956 All Hazard Laison Office, Madison County-NON KYEMAnnouncementRegister
July 12-13, 2023, LEO Prevention and Deterrance, Campbell County-NON KYEMAnnouncement
July 12-13, 2023, LEO Prevention and Deterrence, Campbell County Non KYEMAnnouncement
July 15-16, 2023, Mantracking, Marshall CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 24-25, 2023, Lost Person Behavior, Madison CountyAnnouncementRegister
July 25, 2023, ICS-EOC Interface Workshop (G191), Montgomery CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 04-05, 2023, Mass Fatalities (G-386), Christian County-Class FullAnnouncement
August 09, 2023, ICS-EOC Interface Workshop (G191), Campbell CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 09, 2023, Underserved Populations Preparedness Planning For Rural Responders And Volunteers, Campbell County-NON KYEMAnnouncement
August 14-16, 2023, ICS 300, Oldham CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 15-16, 2023, AWR-345 (Unmanned Aircraft Systems), Virtual, Franklin County-NON KYEMAnnouncement
August 15-16, 2023, JIS-JIC Workshop, Franklin CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 17-18, 2023, ICS 400, Oldham CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 19-20, 2023, LPB, Greenup CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 21-23, 2023, Basic Search and Rescue (KSP), Franklin CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 23-24, 2023, Medical Management of Chem Bio Radiological Nuclear and Explosive Events, Campbell County-NON KYEMAnnouncement
August 24-25, 2023, ERI-SEARCH MANAGEMENT -SMIRIC (KSP), Franklin CountyAnnouncementRegister
August 26-27, 2023, Moving Water Rescue Awareness, Perry County Announcement

 State Training Officer

State SAR Coordinator
Dustin Heiser


HazMat Emergency Preparedness (HMEP) Coordinator ERG Distribution Coordinator

Chasity Saravia

NQS/IMT Training Coordinator
SAR Training/Exercise Coordinator

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KYEM CSEPP Training &
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