Training by Area

collapse KYEM Area : 01 ‎(14)
March 14, MGT-403 Functional Need Prep, Marshall CountyRegister
March 02-03, BSAR, Trigg County - CLOSED
March 23, Mantracking, Caldwell County - FULL
March 30, HazMat Awareness - ERGs, Lyon CountyRegister
April 03, MGT433 and PER308 Isolation and Quarantine, Caldwell CountyRegister
May 18-19, HazMat Operations, Lyon CountyRegister
May 09, Psychological First Aid for First Responders, Marshall County (KCCRB)Register
August 24-25, Surface Transportation Emergency -Preparedness and Security Freight, Graves CountyRegister
August 28-29, Mission Essentials Workshop (L577), Marshall CountyRegister
August 22, HazMat IQ-Advanced Above and Below the Line, McCracken CountyRegister
August 09-18, Rope Rescue Technician Marshall County - FULL
September 14-15 and 21-22, HazMat Technician, Marshall CountyRegister
September 28-29, BSAR, Fulton CountyRegister
October 19-20, Mantracking, Trigg CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 02 ‎(7)
February 22-23, SMIRIC, Daviess CountyRegister
March 08-09, Lost Person Behavior, Daviess CountyRegister
March 04-05, MGT-418 RTIPP, Muhlenberg CountyRegister
March 27-29, ICS-300, Christian CountyRegister
April 01-02, ICS-400 Christian CountyRegister
April 06-07, BSAR, Todd CountyRegister
June 01, Rail Car Response- Crude-Ethanol-Flammable, Christian CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 03 ‎(10)
February 23-24, Search in the Urban Environment, Hart CountyRegister
February 23, Swift Water Rescue Awareness, Metcalfe CountyRegister
March 26-27, MGT 409 Community Healthcare Planning and Response to Disasters, Warren CountyRegister
March 29-31, Kentucky Search Dog Certification, Hart CountyRegister
March 29-31, BSAR, Metcalfe CountyRegister
March 30, HazMat IQ Above and Below, Barren CountyRegister
April 13, SAR Interviewing, Hart CountyRegister
May 10-12, Kentucky Search Dog Certification, Hart CountyRegister
May 10-12, SMIRIC, Metcalfe CountyRegister
September 27-29, Kentucky Search Dog Certification, Hart CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 04 ‎(7)
February 22-24, BSAR, Breckinridge County - FULL
March 08-10, SMIRIC, Jefferson CountyRegister
May 18, G289 PIO Awareness, Trimble CountyRegister
May 18-19, Mantracking, Jefferson CountyRegister
June 10-12, ICS 300, Oldham County - CLOSED
June 14-16, BSAR, Oldham CountyRegister
July 19-21, BSAR, Oldham CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 05 ‎(4)
March 20, Responding to Incidents Involving Flammable Liquids Transported by Rail, Woodford County - (Non KYEM)Register
May 07-08, 2019, MGT-341 Disaster Preparedness for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations, Fayette County - (Non-KYEM)
June 13-14, ICS 400, Oldham County - CLOSED
June 18-20, Emergency Management for Higher Education (L363), Woodford CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 06 ‎(39)
February 27, Partnerships for Creating and Maintaining Spotter Groups (G-0365), Cambell County (Non-KYEM)Register
February 20, Active Shooter Exercise Development Workshop (PRE-100), Campbell CountyRegister
March 06, Flooding Hazards Science and Preparedness (AWR-362), Campbell CountyRegister
March 05, Weather Spotter Class, Kenton County (Non-KYEM)Register
March 20, Senior Officials Workshop for All-Hazards Preparedness (MGT-312), Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
March 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 HazMat Technician, Boone CountyRegister
March 09, HazMat Technician Refresher, Grant CountyRegister
March, 25, Weather Spotter Training Combined Owen and Grant Counties, Owen County (Non-KYEM)Register
March 05-07, Operations w Practicum, Harrison CountyRegister
March 02, HazMat Awareness - ERG, Grant County - POSTPONED
April 03, Rail Car Incident Response for Crude-Ethanol-Flammable, Kenton CountyRegister
April 03, Weather Spotter Training, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
April 06, SAR Interviewing, Campbell CountyRegister
April 27-28, Search in the Urban Environment, Campbell CountyRegister
April 17, Planning for Disaster Debris Management (MGT-460), Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
April 24-26, Intermediate ICS 300 for Expanding Incidents and Forms, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
April 13-14, HazMat Decon Operations, Grant CountyRegister
April 02, HazMat Decon Operations, Harrison CountyRegister
April 10, HazMat Rad - IQ, Campbell CountyRegister
May 15-16, Disaster Management for Public Services (MGT-317), Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
May 22-23, Advanced ICS-400 Command and General Staff-Complex Incidents, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
May 11-12, Man Tracking, Campbell County - FULL
May 29-30, G386 Mass Fatalities, Campbell CountyRegister
June 20, Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Awareness (AWR-213), Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
July 17, G-557 Rapid Needs Assessment, Campbell CountyRegister
July 12-14, Wide Area Search (PER-213), Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
August 21-22, Sports and Special Events Risk Management (AWR-167), Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
August 7, Testing an Emergency Operations Plan in a Rural EOC (PER 294), Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
September 20-22, BSAR, Campbell CountyRegister
September 21, ISRID400, Campbell CountyRegister
September 11-12, Critical Asset Rick Management (MGT 315), Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
September 20, Hug-A-Tree and Survive Train-the-Trainer, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
September 22, Stop the Bleed, Campbell CountyRegister
September 20-22, SMIRIC, Campbell CountyRegister
September 24-26, Intermediate ICS 300 for Expanding Incidents ( MGT-904) with Forms Review, Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
September 21, Writing Incident Action Plans for SAR Missions, Campbell CountyRegister
October 23-24, Advanced ICS-400 Command and General Staff-Complex Incidents (MGT-905) (Non-KYEM), Campbell CountyRegister
October 05-06, MGT-317 Disaster Management, Owen CountyRegister
December 10-12, Managing Critical Incidents at Institutions of Higher Education, Campbell CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 07 ‎(4)
February 23, HazMat Awareness ERG, Boyd CountyRegister
March 19-20, MGT409, Rowan CountyRegister
April 26-28, BSAR, Boyd CountyRegister
May 18-19, Lost Person Behavior, Boyd CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 08 ‎(4)
March 12, HazMat Awareness - ERG, Floyd CountyRegister
March 22-24, BSAR, Wolfe CountyRegister
May 31- June 09, Technical Rope Rescue Level 1, Wolfe County - CLOSED
May 22, Basic EOC, Pike CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 09 ‎(8)
February 26-28, Facilitating Inter-Jurisdictional Teams (FIT) L809, Madison CountyRegister
March 27-28, Go Live. Livestreaming Practice and Technology, Madison CountyRegister
March 26, Social Media Monitoring and Reporting, Madison CountyRegister
April 27-28, BSAR, Madison CountyRegister
May 14, HazMat Awareness ERG Refresher, Laurel CountyRegister
May 17-19, ICS 300, Powell CountyRegister
May 18, HazMat Awareness - ERG, Owsley CountyNewRegister
June 22-23, ICS 400, Powell CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 10 ‎(3)
March 13-14, MGT 310 THIRA, Pulaski CountyRegister
April 13-14, BSAR, Wayne CountyRegister
April 17-18, MGT 418 RTIPP, Pulaski CountyRegister