Training by Area

collapse KYEM Area : 01 ‎(9)
May 17-18, G288 Local Volunteer and Donanations Management, Graves County
June 21-22, MGT-315 Critical Asset Risk Management, McCracken CountyRegister
June 02, SAR Interviewing, Caldwell CountyRegister
July 11-25, ICS300, Caldwell CountyRegister
July 14-15, Lost Person Behavior, Caldwell CountyRegister
August 01-02, ICS400, Caldwell CountyRegister
August 21-23, L550 Continuity of Operations Planners (COOP) Workshop, Marshall CountyRegister
September 22, AWR 331 Winter Weather Hazards, Marshall CountyRegister
October 12-14, BSAR, Graves CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 02 ‎(6)
June 02, HazMat IQ - Explosives in Transportation NEW OFFERING, Webster CountyRegister
July 26, Swift Water Rescue Awareness, Christian CountyRegister
July 27, Swift Water Rescue Awareness, Christian CountyRegister
July 28, Swift Water Rescue Awareness, Christian CountyRegister
July 18,Radiological Accident Response Training, Daviess CountyRegister
September 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, HazMat Technician, Hopkins CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 03 ‎(1)
May 30-31, RTIPP, Warren CountyNewRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 04 ‎(3)
June 02, HazMat Containers For First Responders, Nelson County - NEW CLASS
June 18-20, ICS300, Jefferson CountyRegister
June 21-22, ICS400, Jefferson CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 05 ‎(9)
May 24 25, ICS400, Fayette County
May 31- June 1, ICS400, Clark CountyRegister
May 24, HazMat Awareness -ERG, Franklin CountyRegister
May 24-25 G288-G489 Local Volunteer, Donations Management and Volunteer Reception, Franklin CountyRegister
August 14-15, JIS_JIC, KYEMRegister
Oct 030-5, ICS300, Fayette CountyRegister
Oct 25-26, ICS400, Fayette CountyRegister
October 16-18, ICS300, Franklin CountyRegister
November 07-08, ICS 400, Franklin CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 06 ‎(14)
May 23, Damage Assessment App Training, Campbell County
June 13-14, Disaster Management for Electric Power Utilities (MGT-345), Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
June 11, HazMat Awareness, Harrison CountyRegister
June 19, Damage Assessment App, Harrison CountyRegister
July 18, Advanced Critical Infrastructure Protection (MGT 414), Campbell County (Non-KYEM)Register
July 25-26, Medical Countermeasures Point of Dispensing (POD), Planning and Response MGT-319, Campbell CountyRegister
July 18, Emergency Shelter Operations, Campbell CountyRegister
August 29-30, Public Information in an All-Hazards Incident (MGT 318), Campbell CountyRegister
August 15, Leveraging Tools for Coordinated Community Disaster Communications AWR329, Campbell CountyRegister
September 25-27, ICS 300 for Expanding Incidents MGT-904 and MGT-347, Campbell CountyRegister
September 28-30, BSAR, Campbell CountyRegister
October 17-18, Advanced ICS-400 Command and General Staff-Complex Incidents (MGT-905), Campbell CountyRegister
November 15-16, Community Healthcare Planning and Response to Disasters (MGT 409), Campbell CountyRegister
November 08, G191 ICS EOC Interface, Boone CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 07 ‎(3)
May 21-23, ICS300, Elliott County
May 24 25, ICS400, Elliott County
June 06-08, ICS300, Boyd CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 08 ‎(6)
May 18, Moving Water Flood Rescue, Floyd County
June 08, Moving Water Flood Rescue, Floyd County
June 06, Basic EOC Operations Training, Pike CountyRegister
July 18, Rail Car Incident Response-Crude Ethanol-Flammable Liquids Training, Lawrence CountyRegister
September 26-28, Wide Area Search, Breathitt CountyRegister
September 14, Moving Water Flood Rescue, Floyd County
collapse KYEM Area : 09 ‎(9)
May 18-20, ICS 300, Laurel CountyRegister
May 29, TIM Responder Training, Madison County (non-KYEM)
June 04-05, L104 Exercise Design, Madison CountyRegister
June 06-07, L105 Public Information and Warning, Madison CountyRegister
June 23-24, ICS 400 Laurel CountyRegister
June 14, HazMat IQ - Above and Below the Line, Madison CountyRegister
July 10-11, Social Media Tech and Comms, Madison CountyRegister
July 12-13, Social JIS-JIC, Madison CountyRegister
November 27-29, Facilitating Inter-Jurisdictional Teams (FIT Course) – L809, Madison CountyRegister
collapse KYEM Area : 10 ‎(6)
May 19-20, Search Management for the initial Response Incident Commander, Garrard CountyRegister
May 30, TIM Responder Training, Madison County (non-KYEM)
May 31, TIM Responder Training, Madison County (non-KYEM)
June 12, HazMat IQ - Above and Below the Line, McCracken CountyRegister
September 11-13, ICS 300, Pulaski CountyRegister
October 17-18, ICS400, Pulaski CountyRegister