The Kentucky Emergency Management Public Information Office publicizes the activities of KYEM and related content in order to provide information on the Division, maintain and increase public awareness, public education, programs we administrate, special alerts, events, and available resources.

Kentucky Emergency Management's Public Information Officers are available to answer inquiries from the media and public about ongoing disasters, emergencies, and any of the division's programs. The public may also communicate with the agency and follow KYEM updates through the agency's Twitter​ feed, or the agency's Facebook page. 

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Educating and preparing for potential emergencies is a vital part of KYEM's External Affairs Office. Developing outreach materials that will serve the public, local officials, and first responders is a top priority for external affairs.

Emergency information is vital in assuring public safety and wellness during a disaster or crisis. Although the state has an inherent obligation to protect its citizens and provide them with time-sensitive emergency information to protect their lives and properties and ensure their safety and security, in most situations, the best source of information is your local emergency management agency.

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If your group is interested in having a guest speaker from KYEM, having KYEM participate in an outreach event, or would like an educational tour of the State Emergency Operations Center, please get in touch with our outreach officer, Jessica "Jesse" Elbouab​, to check availability. 

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