Self-Paced Learning CD - Training Modules (limited 1 CD per request):  

1. Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Training
2. Chlorine Safety Training
3. Crude Oil by Rail Safety Training.
4. Ethanol Training and Emergency Response.
5. Crude Oil by Rail Safety Course
6. Preventing Non-Accident Releases by Properly Securing Hydrochloric Acid Railcars
7. Rig Move Safety for Truckers
8. How to Use Hand-held Radiation Survey Equipment
9. HazMat Digipack Version 7.2
10. Radiological and Nuclear Terrorism - Response to Mass Casualties

11. Emergency Response Guidebook V 2012 - Training Module and Closed Caption                    

HazMat Training

Hazardous Materials Training Course Offerings
November 28-29, 2023, EOC O&P All-Hazards Events, Campbell County-NON KYEMView
December 12, 2023, Hazmat Awareness, Bullitt CountyViewRegister
December 12, 2023, Hazmatt Awareness, Bullitt County Second ClassViewRegister

Contact KYEM HazMat Program Coordinator

Hazardous Materials
Program Coordinator and
ERG Distribution Coordinator
Chasity Saravia

The 2020 Emergency Response Guidebook​ provides first responders with a go-to manual to help quickly identify emergency response procedures to deal with hazmat transportation accidents during the critical first 30 minutes.

KYEM's goal is to provide an ERG in every public emergency service vehicle statewide. Anyone needing ERGs guide can contact Danita Farrier, Emergency Management ERG Distribution Coordinator for Kentucky or their local KYEM Area Manager.
Spanish 2020 ERG.jpg

ERG guide now available in SPANISH and FRENCH.

Mobile app for Windows / iPhone / Android.
HazMat Training