Credentialing of Instructor/Facilitators Previously Recognized by the Division

The Division Director may grant KYEM Provisional Instructor/Facilitator or KYEM Instructor/Facilitator Status to individuals that have been previously recognized or utilized by the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management as Instructor/Facilitators for their event materials.
Individuals credentialed by the Division Director under the authority granted by (1) of this section shall meet the following criteria:
  • Show evidence of having completed the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management Instructional Methodology training program or other Methods of Instruction program, which is comparable in hours and content of the KYEM event that may be conducted by an entity other than KYEM;
  • Provide documentation of current membership, in good standing, of a Rescue Squad holding a current affiliation agreement with KYEM;
  • Provide evidence of having previously instructed the event for which Instructor/Facilitator credentialing is being granted;
  • Submit a completed "Application for KYEM Instructor/Facilitator Initial Certification";
  • Submit for a criminal background check (local, state or federal) as may be required by the Division;
  • Not be an individual who has been convicted of, entered a guilty plea or Alford plea to a felony offense, or has completed a diversion program for a felony offense;
  • Not have been disciplined or ever subject to discipline pursuant to any KRS that would cause a certificate or license of any type to be denied, limited, suspended, or probated by a certifying or licensing entity in Kentucky or other state or territory under the jurisdiction of the United States;
  • Be twenty-one (21) years of age;
  • Hold a valid motor vehicle operator’s license from a state or territory in the United States, and
  • Pay any fees that may be required by regulation.
Any individual credentialed under this section shall be credentialed for a period of three years. The Instructor/Facilitator credential shall expire on the last day of the month following the three year anniversary of issue. All individuals credentialed under this section shall be required to meet all of the requirements for re-credentialing outlined in Section 3 of this regulation.