Renewal of Instructor/Facilitator Credentialing

A person certified by the Division as a KYEM Instructor/Facilitator shall be eligible to renew their KYEM Instructor/Facilitator credential if the person:
  • During the preceding three (3) year credentialing period, has served as the Lead Instructor/Facilitator, Assistant Instructor/Facilitator or Adjunct Faculty for at least one event in each of the subject areas for which they are credentialed.
  • Obtains a minimum of four (4) contact hours on topics related to methods of instruction (MOI);
  • Is not an individual who has been convicted of, entered a guilty plea or Alford plea to a felony offense, or that has completed a diversion program for a felony offense;
  • Has not been disciplined pursuant to any KRS that would prevent renewal certification, or has any action pending against or had any other certificate or license denied, limited, suspended, or probated by a certifying or licensing entity in Kentucky or other state or territory under the jurisdiction of the United States;
  • Pays any fee required by regulation;
  • Submits to a criminal background check (local, state, or federal) as may be required by the Division; and
  • Submits to the Training and Exercise Section within the Division a completed “KYEM Application for Instructor/Facilitator Credentialing” that shall:
  1. Be signed by the applicant; and
  2. Include a statement in which the applicant certifies the truth of the information supplied in the application for re-credentialing.
Reasons for Ineligibility for Re-credentialing
An application for renewal of credentialing as a KYEM Instructor/Facilitator shall not be considered if:
  • The application is postmarked to the Training and Exercise Section of the Division after the expiration date of the applicant’s current credential; or
  • Prior to the expiration date of the current credential, the KYEM Instructor/Facilitator has not met the re-credentialing requirements of this administrative regulation.

Restricted Activities of Individuals Failing to Re-Credential
Upon expiration of a credential as a KYEM Instructor/Facilitator, the individual may not serve as a Lead Instructor/Facilitator or Assistant Instructor/Facilitator for any KYEM sponsored or endorsed event offering and may not hold themselves out to be a KYEM Instructor/Facilitator.