Levels of Instructor/Facilitator Credentialing

 Instructor/Facilitator applicants may be certified as:

  • KYEM Provisional Instructor/Facilitator
  1. Provisional Instructor/Facilitator Certification qualifies an individual to teach under the supervision of a KYEM Instructor/Facilitator for the purpose of being evaluated in the classroom setting prior to receiving full credentialing as a KYEM Instructor/Facilitator.
  2. The Provisional Instructor/Facilitator credential shall be issued for a period of one year. During the one year period, the Provisional Instructor/Facilitator shall administer and teach one event, for the event for which the provisional Instructor/Facilitator credential was issued, under the supervision of a KYEM fully credentialed Instructor/Facilitator. Upon completion of the supervised teaching opportunity and upon the completion of a “Mentor Evaluation Form” and the recommendation of the supervising Instructor/Facilitator, the Provisional Instructor/Facilitator credential may be replaced by a KYEM Instructor/Facilitator credential.
  3. A Provisional Instructor/Facilitator who does not receive the recommendation of a supervising Instructor/Facilitator after the completion of a student teaching opportunity shall complete any remedial training recommended by the supervising Instructor/Facilitator and may have one additional student teaching opportunity within the one year Provisional Instructor/Facilitator credentialing period.
  4. A Provisional Instructor/Facilitator that either fails to obtain the recommendation of the supervising Instructor/Facilitator after the second student teaching opportunity or that fails to take advantage of the second student teaching opportunity within the one year credentialing period shall not be eligible to reapply for Provisional Instructor/Facilitator credentialing for two (2) years following the expiration date of their current credential.
  • KYEM Instructor/Facilitator
  1. A KYEM Instructor/Facilitator may serve as the Lead Instructor/Facilitator and/or the Supervising Instructor/Facilitator or Assisting Instructor/Facilitator for any KYEM event offering for the event for which they have been certified.
  2. The KYEM Instructor/Facilitator shall be certified for a period of three years. The Instructor/Facilitator credential shall expire on the last day of the month following the three year anniversary of issue.