2017 KY Communication Interoperability Exercise

Kentucky Emergency Management and the Kentucky Army National Guard bring you the 2017 Kentucky Communication Interoperability Exercise.  All federal, state and local agencies are welcome.  The deadline for registration is May 31, 2017.

The 2017 Exercise will be a three week event.  The first week (June 12-16) will focus on Command Post interoperability and classroom communications training. The second week   (June 19-23) will focus on tactical communications used for catastrophic domestic response.  The third and final week (June 26-30) will focus on testing statewide communications systems.

Week 1 - Communications training and command post interoperability
Showcase locations will focus on classroom interoperability training, command post interoperability testing, and scenario based exercises. There will be 6 different training classes provided on day one and command post testing, radio programming, and scenario exercises on day two.

June 12-13:  Pike County Central High School (click for map), 1901 US Highway 119 N Pikeville, Ky. Point of Contact:  Doug Tackett (Pikeville), (606) 422-7989,

June 15-16:  Area 2 State Fire Rescue Center (click for map), 2001 Training Center Drive, Princeton, Ky. Point of Contact:  Jeremy Blansett (Princeton), (502) 607-5159, Jeremy.blansett.nfg@mail.mil

Week 2 - Tactical communications for domestic response (Military Only)
Emphasis will be placed on Kentucky National Guard’s tactical communications and how to communicate with the state EOC and JOC/G6. Systems will include VSAT’s, STT, PRC150, PRC117, PSC5, BFT, PRC148, PRC152, and WIN-T. Location Frankfort.

Week 3 - Statewide communications testing
Focus will be on testing statewide communication systems to support contingency operations and emergency support functions.  Systems will include Ky’s State Interoperability, DMARCS, HAM, MSAT, and MARS. Various locations throughout the state.

CW5 David Barker
Exercise Director
Bobby Gillis
Exercise Coordinator
Terry Varney
State Training Officer

Safety / Logistic Officers

Doug Tackett (Pikeville)
(606) 422-7989
Jeremy Blansett (Princeton)
(502) 607-5159

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