LEPC Administrative Documents

004-CAL 2020 KERC LEPC Calendar of Events- FINAL- UPDATED- November 12, 20191176 KB
102-DB, LEPC Detailed Budget, Version 3, November 201939 KB
107-PLN, LEPC Public (Legal) Notice Advertisement, Version 3, November 14, 20192117 KB
301-PT, EHS Facility Emergency Response Plan Template, 201791 KB
303-PC, EHS Facility Emergency Response Plan Checklist, July 2017 No AM384 KB
304-EP, EXAMPLE EHS Facility Emergency Response Plan, 2017666 KB
501-PR, LEPC Grant Eligibility and Paperwork Requirements, VERSION 3, June 20192121 KB
502-BL, LEPC Bylaws, Version 3, November 14, 20192116 KB
503-MM, LEPC Meeting Minutes- Updated September 20183668 KB
504-MA, LEPC Meeting Agenda, Updated October 20182116 KB
507-Acronym List219 KB
510-ORRR, Open Records Response Template, UPDATED January 201975 KB
KERC Approved Expenditures for LEPC Grant Funds- January 16, 2019- VERSION 6681 KB
KRS 39 E144 KB
List of Lists- June 20193298 KB