LEPC Administrative Documents

001-LIB, KERC Document Library14470 KB
004-CAL, 2019 KERC LEPC Calendar of Events, January 20191176 KB
010-IB, LEPC Informational Brochure State Version998 KB
102-DB, LEPC Detailed Budget, Version 2, September 20171832 KB
107-PLN, LEPC Public (Legal) Notice Advertisement, Version 2, August 20172115 KB
2019 LEPC Contact Information for Tier II Inventory Reporting362 KB
301-PT, EHS Facility Emergency Response Plan Template, 201791 KB
303-PC, EHS Facility Emergency Response Plan Checklist, July 2017 No AM384 KB
304-EP, EXAMPLE EHS Facility Emergency Response Plan, 2017666 KB
501-PR, LEPC Grant Eligibility and Paperwork Requirements, Version 2, August 2017249 KB
502-BL, LEPC Bylaws, Version 2, August 20172116 KB
503-MM LEPC Meeting Minutes- Updated September 20183667 KB
504-MA, LEPC Meeting Agenda, Updated October 20183668 KB
507-Acronym List219 KB
510-ORRR, Open Records Request Response Template- Updated September 201877 KB
700-CP EPCRA How to Comply Packet- 2019 Quick Start Guide345 KB
700-CP EPCRA How to Comply Packet 2019732 KB
HMCRP Report 3 - Guidebook for Conducting Local Hazardous Materials Commodity Flow Studies5381 KB
KERC Approved Expenditures for LEPC Grant Funds- January 16, 2019- VERSION 6681 KB
KERC Policy 003-2018- Policy on LEPC Procurement- Signed by Chair Dossett- October 24, 2018413 KB
KERC Policy 004-2013 Tier2 Reporting Requirements SIGNED1371 KB
KRS 39 E144 KB
list of lists changes March 201576 KB
List of Lists EHS ONLY CAS Sort EPA, March 2015372 KB
List of Lists, EHS ONLY, Alphabetical Sort, EPA, March 2015373 KB