State ESP and EOP

Description: The State Emergency Operations Plan shall establish the organizational structure to be utilized by state government for managing disaster, and emergency response and set forth the policies, procedures, and guidelines for the coordination and execution of all disaster and emergency response for an emergency, declared emergency, disaster or catastrophe in the Commonwealth.

Requirements: To develop and maintain a comprehensive, risk-based all-hazards disaster and emergency response plan entitled “Kentucky Emergency Operations Plan”.

Authority: KRS39A.050 2(c) Responsibility of division for coordinating disaster and emergency services – Powers, authorities and duties.

Timelines and Deadlines: The Kentucky State Emergency Operations Plan shall be submitted to the Governor for approval within 30 days of the Governor taking office following a gubernatorial election.

The Governor shall provide written approval of the Operations Plan through the issuance of an executive order.  The Kentucky State Emergency Operations Plan shall be updated by the division not less than annually.

Reporting Requirements: Annual Updates of the Emergency Operations Plan will be provided to the Director of the Division of Emergency Management for review by the end of November each year.

Additional Guidance: KRS39A.070 (3) Powers, responsibilities, and duties of director.
To coordinate the development of a state comprehensive emergency response plan.

Planning Branch Manager
State ESP and EOP