PA Delivery Model Course

01 Declaration Process and Public Assistance Program EligibilityView
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02 Public Assistance Delivery Model OrientationView
03 FEMA Grants Portal - Transparency at Every StepView
04 Editing Your Organization Profile and Uploading Insurance DocumentsView
06 Reviewing the Request for Public AssistanceView
07 Exploratory Call, Damage Inventory, and Recovery Scoping MeetingView
08 Public Assistance Alternative ProceduresView
09 Documenting Disaster Damage and Developing Project FilesView
10 FEMA Site Inspection ProcessView
11 Detailed Damaged Desciption and DimensionsView
12 Emergency Protective MeasuresView
13 Conditions of the Public Assistance GrantView
14 Roads and CulvertsView
15 Direct Administrative CostsView
16 FEMA Public Assistance CostingView
17 Public Assistance Hazard Mitigation Project Eligibility OverviewView
18 Insurance ConsiderationsView
19 Environmental and Historic Preservation and Compliance for Public AssistanceView
20 Scope Change Requests, Time Extensions, and Improved and Alterate Project RequestsView
21 Determination Memorandums and AppealsView
22 Processes Using Donated ResourcesView
23 Public Assistance Codes and StandardsView
24 Bridge Damage ConsiderationsView
25 EMI Public Assistance Global Acronum ListView
26 Public Assistance Electrical Systems ConsiderationsView
27 Public Assistance Grant Application ProcessView
28 Grant Administration Decisions for Tribal GovernmentsView
29 Eligibility of Private Nonprofit OrganizationsView
30 EMI Emergency Management ListView
31 Fire Management Assistance GrantView
Damage to Submerged Roads MemoView
DR 4540, February 3-29, 2020, Severe Storms, Flooding, Landslides, and MudslidesView
Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) GuideView
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Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) Pocket GuideView
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PA Delivery Model Course