FY 2024 Funding Opportunity Announcement

Application Procedures

The online application tool can be found here, to the right of this page. All required forms and supporting documentation are due at the time of submission. Blank forms can be found in the ‘documents’ section to the right of this page. All applicable documents must be signed by the requested appointed authorities.

Overview Information

The Division of Emergency Management (KYEM) is pleased to announce the Request for Application period for the Commonwealth of Kentucky – FY 24 Search and Rescue Aid Program.  The total amount available for distribution under this grant is estimated at $80,000 statewide. Priority for grant funding will be given to rescue squads that have no other means of funding (i.e. federal grants, KOHS grants, etc.) and to requests that fulfill unique needs within a community or region. These funds will be allocated by the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management through this competitive grant process.

The purpose of the Rescue Aid Program is to (1) Reduce and prevent the loss of life by creating a better equipped, trained, and coordinated rescue force throughout the Commonwealth; (2) Upgrade the capabilities of local rescue squads by providing financial assistance to be used to purchase equipment and obtain training; (3) Encourage the development of rescue squads where none exist.  These funds will be allocated by the Division of Emergency Management through this competitive grant process.  For additional information squads should refer to the FY 24 Rescue Aid Program Guidance.

Application Period

The FY 24​​ cycle opens on October 13, 2023. Applications are due to the applicable KYEM Area Office by the close of business on November 1, 2023

Estimated Total Program Funding, FY 2023

$80,000 statewide

Grant Type

• Competitive
• Advanced funding, up to 100% of the approved project cost.

Eligible Applicants

To be considered eligible, rescue squads within the Commonwealth of Kentucky must meet the requirements outlined in KRS 39F.120. Applicants that do not meet these requirements will not be considered for grant funding. 
See:  http://www.lrc.ky.gov/KRS/039F00/CHAPTER.HTM.

Key Application Dates


PHASE 2 – October 13 through November 1, 2023 COMPLETE APPLICATION (Applications must be submitted no later than November 1, 2022.)



PHASE 5 – NOVEMBER 29, 2023 AWARD NOTIFICATION AND BRIEFINGS SFY24 Search and Rescue Aid Program Guidance Page 5

PHASE 6 - December 1, 202 3- March 31, 2024 CONTRACT, ELECTRONIC FUND TRANSFER (EFT), PURCHASE ORDER (PO), AND QUOTES TO KYEM AREA OFFICES AND GRANT MANAGER Funds Advanced to Counties NO LATER THAN (NLT) January 2024 – February 2024 Purchases Made NLT March 2024 Proofs of Payment NLT April 1, 2024


*Dates subject to change.​

*dates are subject to change

Qualifying Programs

Rescue Squads must meet the following criteria in order to qualify and submit an application:

  • Comply with KRS 39F.120 (1-13)
  • Submit quarterly reports to KYEM within required time frame
  • Shall have written bylaws and SOP’s.  A current copy of the bylaws and SOP’s must be filed with the KYEM Area Office of each squad.
  • Have a vehicle dedicated solely to rescue service (unless waived by statute). The make, model, year, VIN, and license number shall be supplied to the Local EM Director and KYEM Area Office.
  • Have a minimum of twelve (12) persons identified by name as active members of the rescue squad (these members are separate from fire service members for squads operating in conjunction with a fire division).  Rescue squad members cannot be counted for more than one squad.
  • Conduct a formal training program that consists of not less than two (2) hours of formal rescue training per month and one hundred sixty-eight (168) man-hours of training for members annually.
  • Be formally affiliated with the local disaster and emergency services organization as described by KRS 39F.120 (9).
  • Shall maintain a full complement of required minimum equipment appropriate to the type of rescue to be undertaken as stated in their mission statement. Newly forming teams may submit applications for minimum equipment items without already having acquired the full complement of minimum equipment. The minimum equipment list can be found in the ‘documents’ section to the right of this page.

Kentucky Revised Statute: Chapter 39F Search and Rescue
Kentucky Administrative Regulations: Title 106

Terms and Conditions

1.  Funds awarded for the FY 24 KYEM Search and Rescue Aid Program will be advanced to the grantee. The rescue squad shall order or purchase with state grant funds only approved equipment, services, or training, and no other, within fifteen (15) days of the receipt of the grant funds and shall provide a copy of all paid invoices as well as proof of payment, (cancelled check, cash paid receipt, or similar document), within ninety (90) days of the receipt of the grant funds. Reference KRS 39F.140 (1)

2.  Within (30) thirty calendar days of award notification, the county must submit a duly executed Master Agreement (PON2) and acceptance of Terms and Conditions provided by KYEM to the Area Manager.  The agreement will be between the state (1st party) and the county (2nd party); therefore only a person with signature authority for the applicable county may sign the Master Agreement.

3.  Work cannot begin until the Master Agreement has been executed and received by KYEM. The squad’s senior official and the county fiscal representative will be notified by the KYEM Administrative Branch.

4.  Purchases will be made according to the funding amount, item description, and quantity listed on the Rescue Aid Program award letter.  Any purchases made outside of the scope are subject to repayment of funds. 

5.  No later than April 1, 2024 the grantee shall submit to their KYEM Area Manager:
  • A completed KYEM 160 Form
  • A copy of the invoice(s) for the approved items for purchase under the grant award.
  • A copy of the cancelled check, cashier’s check, or other proof of payment of the submitted invoices.  A cancelled check is said to be canceled once it has been processed by a financial institution and all accounts have been credited.  Once a check has been cancelled, it is typically stamped by a bank, marking the check as being cleared. If cancelled checks are not available a printed bank statement or ledger demonstrating the funds as “cleared” is acceptable.
  • Any funds not encumbered or expended during the grant period shall be returned to the Division with the expenditure documentation, unless authorized in writing by the Director to make additional purchases with encumbered funds.  Reference 39F.140 (1)
  • Any grantee who fails to meet this requirement will be considered out of compliance and are subject repayment of the funds.
6. KYEM reserves the right to request additional information to ensure state allowable cost and auditing compliance.

7. The Area Manager will retain a copy of the documents for use during the site visit and shall submit the original documents to the KYEM Administrative Branch.

8. The County (grantee) agrees to:
  • Assure that the purchases are made in accordance with County purchasing policies and or county code;
  • Assure  appropriate purchases are made and documentation (Purchase Orders, Invoices, Cancelled Checks) is maintained for all purchases;
  • Assure timely payment for purchases are made and provide documentation of the payment to the Rescue Squad for submission to the Area Manager or facilitate the transfer of the grant funds awarded to the Rescue Squad so that payment may be made by the rescue squad.
  • Assure no personal checks or personal credit card purchases are made.  

9. The grantee shall notify the Area Manager when all of the equipment has been received by the rescue squad and make the equipment available for inspection on a date proposed by the Area Manager. 

10.    Upon notification by the grantee that all of the equipment has been received, the Area Manager within thirty (30) calendar days will:
  • Conduct a site visit with the rescue squad;
  • Verify that the equipment for which the rescue squad was invoiced is in fact what was ordered and is physically in the possession of the rescue squad;
  • Attach property tags to equipment requiring such;
  • Take a photograph of the equipment and a photograph showing the property tag attached to the equipment;
  • Complete an equipment inventory record; and
  • Submit such to the State Search and Rescue Coordinator.

11. The rescue squad shall be responsible for maintaining possession of all equipment purchased pursuant to the requirements outlined in KRS 39F.140.
  • Equipment will be made available for inspection upon request until such time ownership is transferred to the rescue squad.
  • Equipment purchased in part or in whole with rescue squad grant funds will be surrendered to Kentucky Emergency Management on request if not being properly used or maintained.

12. At any point in time during the FY 2024 grant cycle if the grantee ceases to meet the requirements in KRS 39F.120 the grantee will withdraw their request for funding or grant award. 

13. A member of the search and rescue squad command and a representative from the county agree to participate in an award briefing.
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    Download, fill out, print and sign the applicable Adobe fillable forms:

    FY 2024 Funding Opportunity Announcement