Kentucky Emergency Response Commission


Kentucky has adopted EPCRA into law through Kentucky Revised Statutes 39E and the regulations found in 106 KAR Chapter 1.  EPCRA requires that every State have a State Emergency Response Commission (SERC).  In Kentucky, the SERC is known as the Kentucky Emergency Response Commission (KERC). 

The Kentucky Emergency Response Commission (KERC) was established to:
* Implement all provisions related to hazardous substances;
* Develop policies related to the response of state and local governments to releases of hazardous substances;
* Develop standards for planning for these events;
* Develop reporting requirements for hazardous substances;
* Provide information to the public concerning hazardous substances in the community;
* Develop training requirements; and
* Develop requirements for local governments and covered facilities to exercise plans related to hazardous substance response.

For more information on the laws and regulations governing the implementation of EPCRA in Kentucky, consult KRS 39E and 106 KAR Chapter 1 at the Kentucky Legislature website:

The KERC can have up to 25 members and has representatives from the following agencies:

• The Fire Commission
• Department for Environmental Protection
• State Fire Marshal
• Kentucky State Police
• Attorney General's Office
• Affected Industry
• Local Government
• Health Services
• Environmental Interests
• Persons who have technical expertise in the emergency response field

All Commissioners are appointed by the Governor for a period of two years and can be re-appointed; they do not receive a salary. 

The KERC is attached as an Administrative Body to the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management (KYEM). 

The Director of the KYEM serves as the Chairman and KYEM personnel provide administrative support to the Commission.

 KERC Org Chart


106 KAR 1.091 Kentucky Emergency Response Commission fee account grant requirements for local emergency planning committeesDownload
106 KAR 1.101 Kentucky Emergency Response Commission fee account grant requirements for state agenciesDownload
106 KAR 1.111 Kentucky Emergency Response Commission Fee Account Grant Review CommitteeDownload
106 KAR 1.121 Kentucky Emergency Response Commission fee account grant distribution formulaDownload
106 KAR 1.131 Kentucky Emergency Response Commission civil penalty assessment and hearings procedureDownload
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2017 Scheduled
KERC Meetings:

Wednesday, September 20
Wednesday, November 15


Contact David Davis
KERC Program Manager
Tiffany Sizemore

• KERC Mission 
• Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Plans


State 24-hour warning point for HAZMAT Spill Notification

If you need to report a spill in accordance with SARA Title III Section 304 and KRS 39E.190, please contact the Duty Officer at the Commonwealth Emergency Operations Center at 800.255.2587 which serves as the twenty-four (24) hour warning point and contact for the Kentucky Emergency Response Commission.


KERC shall make available to the public upon request all information not protected from release to the general public as a trade secret under federal law.