NEW FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Delivery Model

The new FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Program delivery model is standardizing project workflows and improved technology.  FEMA focused on developing a new information-technology system to document PA projects in formulation with a seamless transition to grant obligation. 

FEMA developed a new business model for PA Program delivery and is implementing those changes. Significant aspects of the new delivery model are intended to provide better grants management and fiscal responsibility from beginning to end, including: 

  • Segmenting projects based on complexity and the type of work;
  • Standardizing workflow processes, including the development of an on-line PA Grants Manager and Grants Portal technology platform to promote consistency, transparency and accountability;
  • Specializing staff roles and responsibilities, matching skill sets with business process requirements to ensure quality; and
  • Consolidating subject matter experts in Consolidated Resource Centers (CRC) to improve consistency and accuracy while building agency-wide capacity to support disaster operations nationwide.

FEMA contends that its continued focus is on strengthening people, processes, procedures, and tools will expedite community recovery by bringing greater simplicity, accuracy, efficiency, accessibility, and timeliness to the PA program.

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NEW FEMA Public Assistance (PA) Delivery Model